Frequently Asked Questions

Since there are color variations from one batch to another, we want to be sure that the product you chose is exactly what you want before the delivery.

Yes, with our various transportation partners, it is possible for us to offer a delivery service adapted to your needs.

Everywhere in Quebec, Ontario and the United States

The minimal quantity for a delivery in bulk is 0,5 metric ton (500kg). There is no minimal quantity for bags.

No, there will be no additional fee. We’ll use our loader and a scale to load the desired quantity.

No, the minimum quantity to buy in bulk is 0.5 metric tons. Our loader has a scale and can load the desired quantity in your truck or trailer. 18 kg bags are also available for the majority of our products.

On our website, in the product description, you will find a chart to do the calculation yourself. If you need any additional assistance, don’t hesitate to join us by phone or email at

Stones are a natural product, and color variations are normal, even if the aggregates are issued from the same quarry or sand pit.

The color variation effect is greatly accentuated when the stone is humid. A gray looking stone when wet becomes white or pale gray when it’s dry. Yes, the stone reflects the sun less when it’s humid, but the sun isn’t usually there when it rains.

A landscaper will be able to install our material. We also have an installation and maintenance guide we can provide, if you wish to do it yourself.