Gravel for roofs

Green roofs

Our lightweight aggregates have the characteristics required for the design of several types of green roofs. 

CRUSHED CLAY No. 20-238 5-14mm

Manufactured in our St-Bruno factory, Agrébec’s crushed clay is 100% recycled. Produced from new brick remains, our crushed clay brick is used for many applications. For lightweight soil or draining membrane, Agrébec’s crushed clay is light, absorbent and inexpensive.

1 metric ton covers +/-160 p2 to 2 inches thick

AGRE-LITE (expanded clay) no. 20-252

The Agre-Lite expanded clay is a very light manufactured aggregate. The expansion and vitrification process produces a ceramic aggregate that is resistant, lasting, environmentally inert and non-toxic. Available in different sizes, Agre-Lite offers a solution to reduce charges and thermal conductivity, and improves the fire resistance and waste water treatment.

1 metric ton covers +/-260 p2 to 2 inches thick

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